The 14 Most Beautiful Rainbow Photos


Rainbow is a wonderful natural phenomenon. Colorful spring begins on the sidelines. Then he moves around the sky. And again, the rainbow descends to earth. Beautiful rainbow photos with you in this photo gallery. Rainbow affects people, really. It gives happiness and hope with us. I was very happy when I saw the rainbow as a kid. Located in seven different colors in the rainbow. They are light colors. How rainbow is formed? White light contains all the colors in. White light is refracted from drops in the sky. Different colors occurs according to the angle of refraction of light. If all colors of light come together, white light is formed. What are the colors of the rainbow? Rainbow colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy blue, purple. This is the order of the colors.  After some technical details, let’s get a nice photo gallery. I share with you the beautiful rainbow scenes in this photo gallery.


rainbow 1

rainbow 2

rainbow 3


rainbow 4

rainbow 5

rainbow 6

rainbow 7

rainbow 8

rainbow photos 1

rainbow photos 2

rainbow photos 3

rainbow photos 4

rainbow photos 5

rainbow photos 6

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