15 Amazing Crocodile Photos


Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles. In this article we will tell you a little crocodile. Crocodiles are very eerie, but wonderful creatures. Crocodiles live in running water, in hot climate. Some species may be 6 meters in length. These magnificent creatures are a skillful hunter. Hunting skills are highly developed. They are approaching their prey through the water. Only eyes visible out of the water. And they are very quick to attack prey. Jaw muscles are very strong. Crocodile’s teeth are very sharp. Crocodile skin is covered with reliable bony stamps. I would not want to face one of them. Endangered species of crocodile. Global warming disrupts the earth’s climate. And all living things are affected by this situation. There are great crocodile photos below. I hope you enjoy. I share with you the crocodiles in this photo gallery.


crocodile 1

crocodile 2

crocodile 3


crocodile 4

crocodile 5

crocodile 6

crocodile 15

crocodile 14

crocodile 13

crocodile 12

crocodile 11


crocodile 9

crocodile 8

crocodile 7

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