15 Inspiring Daisy Flower Photos


One of my favorite flowers are daisies. I always dream to run in the countryside covered with daisies. Then, to lie on daisies, and look at the sky. Like a movie scene? Beautiful daisies are waiting for you in this photo gallery. Daisy flowers are very natural. Maybe, they are not dazzling like other flowers. Their unassuming appearance appeals to me. Daisy reminds me of innocence. Their common colors are white and yellow. But there are daisies in different colors. Daisies are wild flowers. This reminds me of freedom as well. I hope you like daisies, like me. I hope you enjoy the photos below. I share with you, daisy flower photos in this article.


daisy flower 1

daisy flower 2

daisy flower 3


daisy flower 4

daisy flower 5

daisy flower 6

daisy flower 7

daisy flower 8

daisy flower 9

daisy flower 10

daisy flower 11

daisy flower 12

daisy flower 13

daisy flower 14

daisy flower 15

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