Gemstone Jewelry Designs


In this article, gemstone jewelry designs and ideas with you. If you are looking for a beautiful jewelry, gemstone jewelry may be the right choice. They draw attention with colorful designs. I mentioned a little of the types of gemstone. Amethyst is purple and it is a type of quartz. Aquamarine is colored light blue. And that is the type of beryl. Garnet is very bright and red. Sapphire is a crystal form of aluminum oxide. Its color is blue. Quartz is the name given to highly pure silicon dioxide crystals. They can be green, pink and smoke color. Turquoise blue stone is non-transparent. Ruby is located in shades of pink and red, it is a precious stone. I told some of the types of gemstone. I chose a wonderful gemstone jewelry in the following photo. I share with you gemstone jewelry designs in this photo gallery.


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