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City life is a requirement of public life. People are social creatures. We need to continue our lives to each other. To be together, to establish social bonds, we need to engage in cultural exchange. In the old times people lived as nomads. In groups of hunters and gathers. After a settled life has expired. Cities were founded. Buildings, roads, worship halls, inns, hotels, shops, etc.. Over time, as technology advances, our cities were also flourish. In our time, the city’s magnificent beauty. Gorgeous beautiful cities in the developed countries of the world we share with you. These cities, improved infrastructure, skyscrapers, architectural marvels, structures, wide roads, subways, railways, airports, ports and people are fascinated with the wonderful park. Nice to live in big cities. But there are challenges of living in this city. For example, traffic density. This type can be troublesome to travel in metropolitan areas. Because the traffic is very crowded. Still, with all the beauty of contemporary life in this city. About this photo gallery, the most beautiful cities, city views, great cities, world’s most beautiful cityscapes that we share with you.


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most beautiful cities 2 ?stanbul Resimleri


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most beautiful cities 5

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most beautiful cities 10

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most beautiful cities 14

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Our city grows, we are disrupting the natural balance of the world. Without harm to our world, preserving natural life, can build beautiful cities.

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